Ikaria, the island of long life Ikaria or Nikaria is a Greek island of the eastern Aegean and belongs to the homonymous regional unit of Ikaria. The capital and port of the island is Agios Kirykos on the southeastern coast of the island, while Evdilos on the north coast is the second largest port. Its […]


Dodecanese, for moments of luxury and relaxation Dodecanese is a complex of islands with unique beauty and great history that every visitor will really admire. Many of the islands keep their traditions intact, so even today, one can meet women dressed in their local costumes. One of the largest and most numerous island complexes in […]

Northeast Aegean Islands

Northeast Aegean Islands The islands of the NE Aegean border the Cyclades and the Dodecanese to the south and Halkidiki to the north. To the east they border Turkey and specifically the historical region of Asia Minor. In particular, Lesvos borders Aivali, Chios borders Cesme which is very close to Smyrna, Samos borders Kusadasi and […]


Epirus, the region with the most mountains in Greece. This is a description of a geographic region located in the northwestern corner of Greece. It borders Albania to the northwest, Macedonia and Thessaly to the east, and Aetolia-Acarnania to the south. To the west, it is washed by the Ionian Sea. It has an area […]