Northeast Aegean Islands

The islands of the NE Aegean border the Cyclades and the Dodecanese to the south and Halkidiki to the north. To the east they border Turkey and specifically the historical region of Asia Minor. In particular, Lesvos borders Aivali, Chios borders Cesme which is very close to Smyrna, Samos borders Kusadasi and Lemnos the Turkish island Imvros. Almost all the islands have a rich flora, as opposed to the neighboring Cyclades. . Most of these islands are large in size, too. Lesvos, in particular, is the third largest island in the Aegean Sea.

The beautiful natural scenery, the crystal clear waters, the traditional villages with the stone houses, the dense vegetation and the forests with the fountains, transform all the northeast Aegean islands into the most ideal destinations for calm and relaxing holidays even for the most demanding travelers.

The beautiful beaches with the clean seas, the hospitality of the residents and the enchanting natural landscape will offer you endless memories and unforgettable moments. You can visit archaeological museums, castles, monasteries and chapels that will take you back to old fascinating times.


Lemnos is the island with the most virgin beaches. It has more than 100 and half of them are sandy.

Chios is also waiting for you with more than 90 beautiful beaches..

In Lesvos you will discover one of the best beaches in the Aegean, Vatera, but also Sigri, Agios Isidoros, Eressos.

In Chios you will admire the famous Mavra Volia, with its dark pebbles of volcanic origin.

In Samothraki, Kipi is another beach with black pebbles.

In Ikaria you will discover Na with the temple of Artemis, the long sandy beach of Armenistis, but also the emerald waters and the impressive rocks in the Seychelles beach, which is accessible through a narrow path.

In Samos the best beach is Chrissi Ammos and in green Thassos, Paradise beach has the most wonderful waters.


During your visit to the islands of the Eastern Aegean, do not miss the archaeological and folklore findings of each place.

The Chios Maritime Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Chios, the Archaeological Museum of Pythagorion (Samos), the Kamou Archaeological Museum (Ikaria), the Archaeological and Folk Museum of Agios Kirikos, the Archaeological Museum of Limnos and many more which will fascinate you.


On the islands of the North Aegean sea you will discover plenty gastronomic treasures.
Samos is famous for its award-winning Samian wine, with a history dating from antiquity. Lesvos has been serving ouzo for at least 200 years.
The best known are Plomari and Mini. In adjacent Chios, the Apalarina is also known.
The most famous product of Chios, of course,is the rare mastic, as well as the sweet preserves of various seasonal fruits. In Lesvos you will taste excellent olive oil from mountainous and semi-mountainous olive groves. The “extra virgin olive oils” of Lesbos have been approved of as PGI(Protected Geographical Indication), such as Mytilene, Kalloni, Lesvos and Plomari.


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