Symi, the Lady of the Dodecanese Symi is the eighth-largest Greek island in the Dodecanese complex. It is located about 12 miles northwest of Rhodes, off the coast of Asia Minor, in the Symi or Symiakos Gulf, as known by the Turks. It covers a total area of 57.865 square kilometers and is situated 255 […]


Nisyros, one of the Aegean’s Diamond Islands Nisyros is an island located in the southern Aegean Sea and is one of the Dodecanese islands. It belongs to the group of ancient Southern Sporades and is situated northwest of Rhodes, between Kos, Tilos, and Astypalea. Specifically, it is 8 nautical miles northwest of Tilos, 10 nautical […]


Leros, the island of the goddess Artemis Leros is an island in the southeastern Aegean Sea, part of the Dodecanese, located northwest of Kalymnos. The town hall and other services are in Platanos. Leros is one of the Greek islands that has not yet been heavily affected by mass tourism. Its main tourist area is […]


Leipsoi, a Hidden Gem of the Aegean The Leipsoi Islands, or Leipsoi, form a cluster of 30 islands (24 islets and 6 rocks) in the southeastern Aegean Sea. They are located 173.2 nautical miles from Piraeus and have a population of 790 (2011 census). Leipsoi, the main island from which the cluster derives its name, […]


Kastellorizo, one of the most charming islands of the Dodecanese Megisti, which is the official name of the island and is known as Kastellorizo, is one of the islands of the Dodecanese. Megisti is the easternmost point of Greece. The island of Megisti is 1.25 nautical miles from the southwestern Turkish coast and 72 nautical […]