Elati-Pertouli, one of Greece's most beloved mountain resorts.

Built on the slopes of Kozjak, the stunning elongated mountain in the south of Pindus, the picturesque villages Elati and Pertouli they are among the most beloved mountain resorts in Greece and a magnet for many visitors, especially during the winter months.

The variety of options for accommodation in guesthouses, hotels, traditional rooms with a fireplace, homemade food in taverns, as well as in upscale restaurants, the ski resort, and the dozens of attractions in the area can guarantee you will have dreamy moments in one of the most beautiful and authentic areas in the region of Trikala.

Elati and Pertouli are two of the most famous villages in Koziakas and among the most renowned winter destinations in the Trikala region.

Where should you go?

The Pyli Bridge. Located at the entrance to the mountains, this bridge connects the Koziakas and Itamos mountains. At the bridge's location, there is also a café-bar with tables both inside and outside, so you can enjoy it whether the weather is good or not, with a view of the river and the bridge. Try walking the entire length of the bridge and take in the view.

2. Pertouli Meadows - These are the alpine areas of the region, with lush green meadows in spring and snow-covered fields in winter, reaching an altitude of 1,200 meters. In the Pertouli Meadows, you'll also find the Pertouli Ski Center, offering ski slopes for both beginners and experienced skiers, cozy chalets for warm drinks, and equipment rental services. This ski center is one of the most easily accessible in Greece since you can park right at its base. In addition to skiing, Pertouli Meadows offer other activities such as horseback riding, archery, snowmobiling, and mountain biking..

<3. The stone bridge of Palaiokarya. Overall, the area boasts several stone bridges, but the Palaiokarya Bridge is distinctive. What makes it special is the waterfall located just behind the bridge. The Palaiokarya Bridge is one of the most beloved attractions for those visiting the surrounding villages and beyond.

4. The Church of Agia Paraskevi. It is located between the villages of Neradiochori and Pyrra. The church was built in 1795 and has been renovated, along with its surrounding area. Inside the church, you will also find the Hidden School that operated during the Ottoman rule.

5. The Holy Monastery of Timios Stavros in Doliana. Doliana is a village nestled deep in the Pindos Mountains, near Kranea and Polythea. Want a more extreme route? Then, at the "3 Rivers" junction, turn left towards Chaliki and Anthousa. From there, the road will lead you to the Baros Pass, which is possibly the highest road in Greece, reaching an altitude of 1,900 meters.

6. Gardiki and the surrounding villages. Surrounded by the nearby mountains and at an altitude of 1,050 meters, you'll find Gardiki, the village that gathers most of its residents during the summer, filling the village with life.

7. Hiking. In the area, there are hiking trails and paths leading to many peaks. One of these routes is towards the Koziakas Refuge. It's a beautiful trail leading to the refuge located at an altitude of 1,750 meters. The refuge can accommodate up to 35 people, and nearby, you'll find the summit of Koziakas at 1,901 meters.

8. Coffee and Food. The majority of cafes are located in Elati, which is the most developed tourist village in the area. You can enjoy hot or cold beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, tea, Greek coffee) in charming cafes with cozy interiors found in Elati, Pertouli, and Neradiochori. Additionally, in these villages, you can savor delicious meats at the local taverns.

9. Rock Climbing at the Pyli Climbing Field. This is one of the best climbing areas in Greece, featuring routes with various difficulty levels, including negative slopes. Alternatively, if you're looking for something simpler, there's the climbing field of Kokkinos Vrahos located in Elati. You can also read our article about climbing fields in Koziakas.

10. Waterfalls. The largest waterfalls in southern Pindos are located in Desi. The small one stands at a height of 30 meters and is situated at the "Goura Batimari" location, while the large one measures an impressive 100 meters in height. Both waterfalls are located on the western slopes of Mount "Halikovouno." At the small waterfall, there is also the Legkos Cave, a cave that stretches for 70 meters.


Elati, also known as Tyrna to the locals, is the largest among the mountain villages in the region of Trikala and the most developed in terms of tourism. It serves as an ideal destination for both winter sports enthusiasts and those seeking relaxation and tranquility. Situated at an altitude of 950 meters on the steep slopes of Mount Koziakas, Elati is built in an amphitheater-like setting and is surrounded by unique fir tree forests, offering charming opportunities for escape from daily life with numerous trails through the region's forests.

Explore unparalleled beauty routes in nature on donkeys or go horseback riding. The scents from the traditional taverns in the area will leave indelible memories and inspire you to come back again and again to this wonderful winter destination. Elati, which offers abundant snow in winter and a cool and healthy climate in summer, has nothing to envy from the most renowned destinations in the Alps!


At an altitude of 1,090 meters on the slopes of Mount Koziakas and 54 kilometers east of Trikala, a mountain paradise surrounded by mountains, dense forests, lush meadows, and flowing waters awaits to captivate you. Perched amphitheatrically, Pertouli used to be a gathering place for the local shepherds in the past. Today, what sets the village apart and makes it one of Greece's favorite mountain resorts are its picturesque stone houses with red or stone roofs, the ski center, and its excellent tourist infrastructure. Old mansions transformed into atmospheric guesthouses or hotels offer high-quality accommodation options.


The area offers a plethora of activities for both young and old. Fill your day with a walk in the green, mountaineering, horseback riding, archery, mountain biking, hiking, and of course, skiing or snowboarding at the ski center. For hiking, we recommend the European Path E4 in Mount Koziakas, while the "Tria Potamia" location (between the villages of Polythea and Kalliroi) is ideal for mountain biking amidst the towering fir trees. You can also enjoy various activities on the Acheloos River, such as rafting, monoraft, canoe-kayak, and more.

Also, note that the campsite of Agia Kyriaki in Pertouli is ideal for nature lovers who wish to camp near the forest. Additionally, Kokkinostefano, a Byzantine fortress near Giona, as well as the stone Bridge of Gria with its intricate carvings (in the Mana Gorge), are great destinations for mountaineering enthusiasts.

Taste the gastronomy of the region

Well-kept taverns and restaurants offer you exceptionally high-quality and homemade food. Taste local products and specialties such as trahana (a type of pasta), handmade pasta, meats, pies with homemade pastry, lamb cooked in a clay pot, and game meat (wild boar, hare, deer), kokoretsi (grilled offal), kontosouvli (spit-roasted meat), sausages, cheeses, good wine, and tsipouro. Before leaving, don't forget to buy free-range beef, oregano, herbs, and cheese from small local producers in the area.

Furthermore, don't forget that the residents of the mountainous region of Trikala are renowned for their excellent cuisine. So, trust them, and... enjoy your meal!


1. By car: The area is accessible from the Trikala Gate. When you reach this town, you are at the entrance (the Gate) to the Southern Pindus. In order, you will come across Elati, the ski center (9 km further), and Pertouli (6 km further). The area is also accessible from Kalambaka (by turning at the Mourgani Bridge).

2. Railway connection through the city of Trikala.

3. Connection via the KTEL of Trikala (intercity bus service).

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