Kasos, for Relaxing Holidays Kasos is a Greek island located in the southern Aegean Sea, and it is the southernmost of the Dodecanese Islands. It lies between Crete and Karpathos and has a roughly rhomboid shape, with a maximum length from Cape Avlaki to Cape Aktina of 19.8 kilometers and a maximum width (in the […]


Karpathos, Affordable Beauty. Karpathos is the second largest island in the Greek Dodecanese archipelago (after Rhodes). It covers an area of 302.152 square kilometers, has a coastline length of 160 kilometers, and a total population of 6,416 inhabitants (as of the 2022 census). The island boasts a rich ecosystem and, for this reason, it has […]


Kalymnos, the Island of Sponge Divers Kalymnos is located south of Leros, separated by the homonymous Kalymnos Strait or “Diapori,” with Kos to the northeast and just 14 miles from the Turkish coast of Asia Minor to the east. To the south lies the Cretan Sea, and to the west and north, the Ikarian Sea. […]


Astypalea, the Dodecanese princess loved by all Astypalea is the westernmost island in the Dodecanese, and as such, it has received many influences from the Cyclades. It is often referred to as the “butterfly of the Aegean” due to the shape of the island. The town of Astypalea is one of the most beautiful and […]


Psara, the Historic Island of the Northern Aegean Psara is an island in the Northeastern Aegean, located northwest of the island of Chios. It serves as the seat of the Municipality of Heroic Psara in the Northern Aegean region. The island covers an area of 40 square kilometers, with approximately 45 kilometers of coastline. According […]