The thousands of acres of olive groves, combined with the immense pine forests, give their silver-green color to the island with the shape of a leaflet, as Odysseus Elytis described it.

The town of Mytilene (a second name for the island too) is built on the southeast end of the island and on seven hills. As a modern city and administrative, commercial and intellectual center it houses the Aegean University, the Regional Unity of Lesvos and the North Aegean Region, and the Ministry of the Aegean. Important towns of the island are Agia Paraskevi, Agiassos, Kalloni, Polichnitos and Plomari. Lesvos is considered the homeland of ouzo, due to the extensive occupation of the inhabitants with the beverage industry. Several well-known ouzo brands come from the island. Also the island is famous for the Kalloni sardines (sprat), olive oil and cheese products.

If you find yourself on the 15th of August in Lesvos, surely you should go to Skala Kalloni. Every year from 11th to 13th August, the Sardine Festival is hold there,an ode to the most delicious “sprat”. It is small but with a unique taste, especially when it is baked on the grill accompanied by local ouzo. Even if this particular fish is not to your liking, a visit to Kalloni will be an unforgettable experience.Then in November huge quantities of chestnuts are gathered in Agiasos, so you will have the opportunity to taste roast and boiled chestnuts and buy the fruit from the island’s producers. As for the taverns and the cafes of the village, they are flooded by visitors and the inhabitants of the island, resulting in a festive atmosphere in the village!

In Lesvos,do not miss visiting the monasteries and churches of the island. Among them are the Monastery of Saint Raphael, one of the most important spiritual centers of the island and Greece. It is located on the hill of Karyes and is 14 km from Mytilene. In the Monastery you can see the main church, the Catholic Church of the Holy Monastery in honor of Saint Raphael, a gallery of Greek painters and a showcase of the books of the Hymenis. Είναι μικρή αλλά με μοναδική γεύση, ειδικά όταν ψήνεται στη σχάρα με συνοδεία ντόπιου ούζου. Ακόμη κι αν το συγκεκριμένο ψαράκι δεν είναι του γούστου σας, μια επίσκεψη στην Καλλονή μπορεί να σας κάνει να τη δείτε με άλλο μάτι. Μην τη χάσετε! Ούτε τη γιορτή, ούτε την παπαλίνα!

And if you want to light a candle at Panagia with a spectacular view, the church of Panagia Glykofilousa in Petra awaits you. It is a church on the top of an imposing rock of 40 meters high in the village of Petra. Όσο για τις ταβέρνες και τα καφενεία του χωριού, αυτά κατακλύζονται από επισκέπτες αλλά και τους κατοίκους του νησιού, με αποτέλεσμα να επικρατεί μία εορταστική ατμόσφαιρα στο χωριό!


The beaches of Lesbos are extremely popular as they are famous worldwide for their purity, their clear waters and their unique diversity. But those that stand out are:

Vatera: Vatera beach is about 9 km long. It is a beautiful sandy beach, impressive in size.In one part of it, there are shops ,taverns and beach bars, which provide visitors with umbrellas, loungers, cool drinks and snacks.However, there is another part of it that has wild beauty and it is mainly preferred by the lovers of camping!

ERESSOS: In the settlement of Skala Eressos you will find the beach of Eressos,one of the most famous beaches of the island, three kilometers long ,which can satisfy  all tastes. It is sandy with fine gray sand and very calm. Here you can do all the water sports. To the west of the beach there is a small lake full of turtles. The beach of Skala Eressos has been repeatedly awarded with the blue flag and has been characterised by the EU. as the cleanest and most beautiful beach all over Greece.

AGIOS ISIDOROS, PLOMARI: Located 2 km from the center of Plomari to the east, it has been voted  as the seventh best beach in Greece in apoll held on the internet.

SKALA KALLONIS: It is a beautiful beach with shallow calm waters and “golden” sand.

SAINT HERMOGEN: The beach is small but majestic, as the pine trees dominate literally up to the coast where the chapel of Agios Ermogenis is located.

TARTI, GERA: The beach has crystal clear turquoise waters and is at the foot of a green hill. Every summerit is seething with thousands of tourists!

Molivos: The beach of Molyvos extends from the harbor of the settlement to the hotel “Olive Press”. It is a long sandy organized beach. Every year it is awarded with a blue flag.

TSONIA, MANTEMADOS: It is a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and red sand. There are daily boat trips to the hotel “Sea Horse Hotel”. You can frequently see dolphins swimming in the area.

PETRA: The beach of Petra with its golden sand is one of the most beautifully organized beaches of the island. The area has many hotels, rooms to let, restaurants, bars and tourist shops. It offers  entertainment all day long and is suitable for family vacations. The organized beaches in the scenic coves feature umbrellas and sun loungers, beach service and water sports.

ANAXOS: Three kilometers from Petra to the northwest, you will meet Anaxos with one of the most beautiful beaches, with crystal clear waters and a river on the west side. It is an organized sandy beach with many country houses and taverns.

The fossilized forest

It is one of the largest in the world and is located in Sigri, on the southwest side.

Extending in an area of about 150 acres, dozens of fossilized coniferous tree trunks are spread in a variety of shades.Walk along the park, with the specially designed hiking trails, with signs at points of interest, such as fossils and volcanos.

Then visit the nearby Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest to get a closer look at the geological history of the Aegean Sea.

Healing baths of Eftalou

On this island of the North Aegean, wonders are made.The well-known warm waters of Eftalou are surrounded by rocky rocks, geological sculptures that emerge from the sea.

The waters of the spring, splashing beneath the sea, at a temperature of 43.6 to 46.5 degrees Celsius, are great for curing many diseases.


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