Sivota, the 'Caribbean' of Greece

Sivota is a seaside village in the southern part of the Thesprotia region. It is one of the main coastal resorts in Epirus and during the summer, it attracts a multitude of tourists from both Greece and abroad.

The settlement is built around a small bay with scattered islands, the most prominent of which are Saint Nicholas, Black Mountain, and Murtemeno.

Sivota is a nature-rich area, surrounded by greenery, while its pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters will captivate even the most demanding visitor.

It has a well-developed tourist infrastructure and is a magnet for thousands of visitors every year. Sivota and Plataria have marinas and can accommodate small boats.

Numerous hotels and well-maintained rental rooms will offer you a comfortable stay with all modern conveniences.

The taverns and restaurants in the area will satisfy all your gastronomic desires, while bars, cafes, and clubs take care of your nightlife entertainment."

In Sivota, you can visit the two lush islands at the entrance of the bay, Saint Nicholas and Black Mountain. Access is by boat.

On the island of Black Mountain, a lighthouse was built in 1884 by the French company Ottoman Lighthouses. The lighthouse stands at a height of 14 meters and became part of the Greek Lighthouse Network after 1912-1913.

To the southeast of Sivota, on a hill, lies the ancient settlement of Vrachona. The settlement consists of approximately 50 ruined houses dating back to the 18th-19th century. To the west of the settlement, there are ruins of a prehistoric acropolis."

Unbelievable beaches with azure-green waters, sand, and warm seas. In Sivota, you can swim and enjoy moments of tranquility on many beaches such as Gallic, DEI, Zeri, Bella Varka on the islet of Murtmeno, Zavia, Mega Ammos, Mikri Ammos, Mega Trafo, Pool on the islet of Saint Nicholas, and Agia Paraskevi.

From the very moment you set eyes on the unparalleled natural landscape, it will leave an unforgettable impression on you. The beautiful beaches with transparent waters surrounded by greenery and the two lush islands at the bay's entrance create an idyllic scene.

For those fortunate enough to have a boat, Sivota has much more to reveal. The area is teeming with "secret" coves, sandy shores, caves, while island hopping (Murtmeno, Saint Nicholas, Black Mountain) offers great excitement."


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