Parga, a magical town in the heart of Epirus

Parga is a seaside town situated in the northwestern part of the Preveza region, formerly part of the Margariti province. It is built amphitheatrically on the hillside of Pezovolos, at an altitude of 139 meters, right up to the shores of the Ionian Sea.

A magical town in the 'heart' of Epirus with a view of the Ionian Sea, the Paxi Islands, the Antipaxi Islands, with crystal-clear waters, truly giving you the feeling that you are in earthly paradise. Parga has nothing to envy about an island. Its amphitheatrical layout, colorful houses, cobblestone picturesque alleys that climb up to the hill's peak, the incredible view of the Ionian Sea, and the island of Panagia mirrored in the waters of the harbor, enchant you.

Located very close to Ioannina and Preveza, in recent years, Parga is becoming a luxurious destination that offers visitors all the comforts, combined with its natural, unspoiled beauty."


In Parga and the surrounding nearby area, there are many beaches, with each one of them offering something special to the visitors. The scenery at each beach is unique. If you have traveled to the Ionian Islands, the landscape confuses you, making you feel like you are on one of the islands. Bays, coves, sandy shores, and cliffs harmoniously alternate, while the greenery reaches the sea, creating an incredibly beautiful image. You will find beaches within the village or in very close proximity that you can reach on foot, while for some others, you will need your car. The more adventurous who choose to take a boat will find the beaches on the enchanting Paxos and Antipaxos a special challenge.

Valtos Beach is a large sandy beach next to the village of Parga in a very beautiful location. Valtos Beach, with a view of the back side of the Castle, the Vlacherna Monastery, the Castle of Anthousa, and of course, the beautiful Ionian Sea, is one of the best choices for visitors.

Ai Giannakis Beach is located relatively close to Parga, 6 km before arriving from Preveza. It is one of the most beautiful beaches, organized, with water sports, and one of the cleanest, suitable for all sea lovers.

Agios Sostis Beach is a secluded beach, one kilometer south of Sarakiniko Beach. It is not organized, so when you visit it, you will need to take care of the essentials.


The most important sights you can see in the area of Parga are:

  • Ali Pasha's Castle
  • The historic Venetian castle of the city
  • The small island with the church of Panagia (Virgin Mary)
  • The ecclesiastical museum in the city center
  • The Church of Saint Nicholas, the Patron Saint of Parga
  • The Monastery of Agia Vlacherna
  • The chapel of Agios Sostis below the rock overlooking the beach of the same name
  • The picturesque cobblestone streets within the town
  • The castle of "Ali Pasha" in AnthousaThe castle of "Ali Pasha" in Anthousa
  • The underwater spring in the bay of Ai Giannaki
  • The natural caves in Lichnos
  • The numerous small chapels within the city


Access to the Preveza regional unit can be achieved by car using the existing road network. The underwater road crossing of the Aktio-Preveza Channel provides the fastest connection between Aetolia-Acarnania and Southern Greece with the coastal areas of the Preveza-Thesprotia regional units and the port of Igoumenitsa.

From the area, there is also the possibility for excursions to neighboring regional units and for cruises to the opposite Ionian Islands. Starting from the capital of the regional unit, one can visit Arta, Ioannina with its many attractions, Dodoni, the Vikos Gorge, and the Zagori villages, Lefkada, and the Paxi Islands.


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