Leros, the island of the goddess Artemis

Leros is an island in the southeastern Aegean Sea, part of the Dodecanese, located northwest of Kalymnos.

The town hall and other services are in Platanos. Leros is one of the Greek islands that has not yet been heavily affected by mass tourism. Its main tourist area is Alinda, while other interesting villages include the fishing village of Panteli, Vromolithos with its beach, Gourna, Xirokambos, Partheni, and Blefoutis. The Castle of Panagia, built in the 11th century, dominates Mount Apitiki above Platanos, and directly across lies the key, the highest point on the island with panoramic views.

What Leros lacks in sandy beaches, it makes up for with its charm and uniqueness. The tiny shops offer authentic handicrafts, not tourist trinkets as on other Greek islands. The Leriots have not let tourism change their traditional way of life.

The picturesque port of Agia Marina, Panteli, and the coastal strip of Alinda are the main tourist spots, but there are many others to discover.

Leros is a popular destination for those wanting to visit other islands in the Dodecanese, as it is on the main ferry route between Rhodes, Kos, and mainland Greece.

A strategically important island during World War II, Leros has many remnants from that era, including military bunkers, museums, and underwater wrecks scattered across the island.

Today, Leros is quickly regaining lost ground, becoming one of the most sought-after destinations among the Greek islands. Leros today is one of the most sought-after destinations among the Greek islands, and its popularity continues to grow each year.

Cappuccinos and espressos may have replaced Greek coffee in cafes, but bakeries, pastry shops, local fashion boutiques, and shops still dominate the island.

For those seeking a peaceful environment and preferring to escape the hustle and bustle of holidays, Leros has much to offer, even to the most demanding visitor.

The island of Leros is lush and green, with agricultural production, including vineyards, fig trees, prickly pears, and unique caper plants found only on Leros. Eucalyptus and pine trees line many of the roads, while the beaches are dotted with tamarisk trees that provide shade for beachgoers. There's even a small river that starts from Mount Imerovigli and flows into Gourna Bay.

Despite its small size, Leros has many villages and beaches. The capital, Platanos, is located in the east of the island just below Mount Apitiki and the Castle of Panagia. Agia Marina, the second port and co-capital, is in the north, just a short walk from Platanos, as is the picturesque Panteli in the south.


The island offers quite an interesting nightlife during both winter and summer, with numerous bars and cafes, plenty of dining options in traditional fish taverns, restaurants, grill houses, and ouzeris.

In Leros, you can also find a cinema, playgrounds, football and basketball fields, bowling alleys, water sports, museums, and libraries.

Every summer, several events are organized, including traditional dances, concerts, sports events, regattas, traditional weddings, and festivals in various parts of the island.

For those who love fishing and diving, Leros is the perfect island. You can fish with a rod and reel from many beaches. The waters are clear, and fish are abundant. Every summer, the island welcomes a considerable number of pleasure boats and yachts, especially in the bays of Panteli and Vromolithos and the marinas of Lakki.


Leros has over 20 beaches, mainly along its indented coastline, with small and secluded coves and bays surrounding the island. There are several pebble beaches and some with sand. Many of them are organized with umbrellas and sun loungers, mainly in Alinda, Panteli Beach, Gourna, Blefouti, and Xirokampos.

Agia Kyriaki Beach, with its crystal-clear blue waters, can be reached from Partheni, where there is a dirt road. It's a tiny beach and can get crowded quickly. As you descend, make a stop at the church with unique iconography. The most popular, Vromolithos, has sun loungers and a beach bar. Alinda is the most touristy beach on Leros, with a beach bar but a narrow strip of sand.

A little further down, Dyo Liskaria is a small beach with a café-bar. Merikia, to the south, is a narrow pebble beach with a nice beach bar. There are caiques that make daily trips to the nearby islets with exotic waters from Agia Marina, and from Partheni, you have the option to rent a private boat to the Island of the Archangel.

The nearest beach to the main port of Lakki is Koulouki, located 500 meters west along the coast. During the summer months, a taverna opens, and the pine trees provide shade from the midday sun. If you don't want to be bothered by the comings and goings of ferries, travel another kilometer west to Merikia Beach, which also has a taverna.

Panteli and Vromolithos, three kilometers northeast of Lakki, are situated on the coast of the beautiful bay of Panteli, the fastest-growing resort on the island.

The neighboring Vromolithos, a short walk southwest along the coast, is a delightful pebble beach surrounded by hills covered with centuries-old oak trees. Like many of the island's beaches, you have to cross a rocky reef to reach the deep waters.

At the northern tip of the island, you'll find the tranquil Blefouti Beach, shaded by tamarisk trees and offering views of a vast, almost enclosed bay. The main beach of Partheni Bay, to the west of Blefouti, is less attractive but provides some beautiful secluded coves if you walk along the coast.

The large bay of Gourna on the western coast has the island's biggest sandy beach and is much less developed than the resorts on the eastern coast.

At the southern tip of Leros, you'll find the pleasant sandy beach of Xirokampos, a popular spot for day trippers from the neighboring island of Kalymnos. The Panos Diving Club, located in an olive grove about 750 meters behind the beach, offers lessons for beginners and trips for experienced divers.


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