Leipsoi, a Hidden Gem of the Aegean

The Leipsoi Islands, or Leipsoi, form a cluster of 30 islands (24 islets and 6 rocks) in the southeastern Aegean Sea. They are located 173.2 nautical miles from Piraeus and have a population of 790 (2011 census). Leipsoi, the main island from which the cluster derives its name, lies between Patmos (10.2 nautical miles to the east) and Leros (8 nautical miles to the north), slightly to the east of the imaginary line that connects them, in the northern part of the Dodecanese.

According to oral tradition, the island, as well as its name, is associated with the goddess Kalypso. The "domain" of the goddess is geographically defined to the southeast of the present-day settlement, while chronologically it is placed in an indefinite past before the Flood when, according to oral tradition once again, the various islets that constituted a unified entity were separated and took on their present form.

Sights and Activities

Despite being a small island, Leipsoi boasts attractions that testify to its long history. If you want to take a break from swimming, the island also offers activities to enjoy your time.

Visiting the Settlements: There are few cars on Leipsoi, and the main meeting points are Chora (Leipsoi) and the port. While other settlements may not have permanent residents, they are beautiful and worth visiting during the summer months. We recommend going to Kouselio, Katsadia, and Platys Yialos.

Stroll in Chora: It's definitely worth taking a walk (or even staying) in the picturesque Chora. The traditional white and blue houses, built in an amphitheater-like fashion in a natural harbor, will captivate you.

Visit the Folklore-Ecclesiastical Museum of Leipsoi in Chora: Through the exhibits displayed in the museum, you will learn about the rich history of the island. Leipsoi hosts festivals and celebrations that will stay in your memory. We recommend the Wine Festival, a three-day summer celebration with traditional songs, dances, and, of course, plenty of wine!

Visit the Archaeological Site at the "Kastro" Location: Just outside Chora, you can see the ruins of an ancient city.

Excursion to Nearby Islets: From the port of Leipsoi, caiques frequently depart for the small neighboring islands. Get ready to see exotic landscapes and swim on pristine beaches!


Leipsoi hosts numerous cultural and artistic events, including concerts, theatrical performances, and exhibitions, while also annually celebrating significant festivals.

The Wine Festival takes place 3 to 4 times a year, in July and August, where you have the opportunity to taste all the varieties of Leipsoi wine. Drink up; the island offers it to you!

The biggest festival on the island is the Feast of Panagia Harou (Virgin Mary of Haros), on August 22nd, marking the nine-day period of the Virgin Mary. People from neighboring islands flock to worship the miraculous icon.

Other festivals on the island include the Transfiguration of the Savior on August 6th, celebrated at the little bay of Christ, where people come by land and sea, and the Dormition of the Virgin Mary on August 15th.


All the beaches on Leipsoi are enchanting, with crystal-clear, usually shallow waters. Many of them lack natural shade or umbrellas, so it's a good idea to bring appropriate equipment with you. Here are some of the best beaches on Leipsoi:

Katsadia Beach: A very popular beach with calm, emerald-green waters, a taverna, and large trees that provide shade.

Kampos Beach: A beautiful, narrow, and long beach with many tamarisk trees and transparent waters.

Turkomnima Beach: A small, secluded cove with a few trees and wonderful crystal-clear waters.

Platis Gialos Beach: A beautiful and particularly popular windless bay with turquoise waters, tamarisk trees, and a taverna.

Lientou Beach: One of the most popular beaches on Leipsoi. It has tamarisk trees and crystal-clear azure waters.

Chochlakoura Beach: Azure waters and white pebbles create a dreamy landscape. This beach doesn't have natural shade.

Xirokampos Beach: A quiet beach with crystal-clear waters that doesn't offer shade.

Papandria Beach: A bay with heavenly waters and a magnificent view of the islet of Lyra.

Monodendri Beach: Turquoise waters, white pebbles, and a single tree dominating the rock create a unique scenery. This beach is somewhat difficult to access and offers tranquility and serenity.


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