Kasos, for Relaxing Holidays

Kasos is a Greek island located in the southern Aegean Sea, and it is the southernmost of the Dodecanese Islands. It lies between Crete and Karpathos and has a roughly rhomboid shape, with a maximum length from Cape Avlaki to Cape Aktina of 19.8 kilometers and a maximum width (in the middle of the island) of 7.7 kilometers. The island covers an area of 66.4 square kilometers and has a coastline that stretches for 59 kilometers. Kasos is surrounded by the Karpathian Sea.

The island has six villages: Agia Marina, Arvanitochori, Empros, Panagia, Poli, and Fry (the capital). Its highest peaks include Mt. Priwnas (601 meters), Mt. Periolas (504 meters), and Mt. Korakas (494 meters), followed by Sysfi, Troulles, Domata, Ayios Yiorgis, and Myrto.

The primary occupation of the island's residents is seafaring, followed by animal husbandry, tourism, fishing, agriculture, and beekeeping. Many residents are involved in commercial shipping due to Kasos' strong maritime tradition.

Tourism on the island is in a growing phase and is mainly supported by small family-run hotels. Traditional guesthouses are gradually increasing in number. The tourism network is complemented by a range of small restaurants, cafes, and car rental companies.

Kasos is known for its significant catches of fresh fish, with a portion of it being sent to the fish markets in Rhodes and Crete.

Kasos is the southernmost island of the Dodecanese, with a rich maritime heritage and a glorious historical past. It is an ideal destination for relaxing holidays, as it has limited tourist development. The island appears untouched by time, and the customs of the past remain vibrant on Kasos.

The locals, known for their warm hospitality, continue to live a simple and peaceful daily life that will fill you with tranquility. The pristine beaches, picturesque villages, wonderful traditional songs (mantinades), celebrations at festivals, and delicious local dishes will make you not want to leave the island!

Kasos has a total of 6 villages worth exploring. Wander through the narrow streets, and you'll discover stunning old houses, beautiful churches, and magical landscapes! The villages of the island are as follows:

Fry: The capital and port of Kasos. The houses with traditional architecture and impressive stone mansions will charm you! Next to the port is the small harbor of Bouka, a rare example of a pirate refuge.

Emborios: A small resort and the old port of Kasos with beautiful architecture. Today, fishing boats rest here.

Arvanitochori: Enjoy coffee at the famous café in the village square!Arvanitochori: Enjoy coffee at the famous café in the village square!

Panagia: A picturesque seaside village with beautiful mansions. An interesting feature is the 6 small chapels in the south of the village, which, according to legend, were built to ward off 6 winds that once appeared in the area.

Poli: The ancient capital of the island. Here, you will see the ruins of an old castle and enjoy the magnificent view.


Although Kasos is a relatively small island, it has many attractions and natural beauties worth discovering, as well as renowned festivals! Ferryhopper recommends:

Festivals: Festivals and celebrations are the soul of Kasos. Dance the sousta and zeibekiko to the sounds of the lyre and lute, and try local delicacies. The biggest festival on the island takes place on August 15th in the village of Panagia, and other famous festivals are held in Agia Marina, Ayios Yiorgis, and Ayia Mama.

Caves: The cave of Ellinokamara was a place of worship from the Mycenaean to the Hellenistic era and a refuge for locals during the period of pirate raids. There is also the mountain cave of Stilokamara or Selai, with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The location offers a wonderful view!

Monasteries: From the Monastery of Ayios Mama, you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Libyan Sea. The Monastery of Ayios Giorgis, the patron saint of the island, features remarkable frescoes and a beautiful wooden iconostasis.

Hiking: The island offers many beautiful hiking trails. Two great routes are from Fry to the Monastery of Ayios Giorgis in Hadies and the ascent to Prionas, the highest point of Kasos.

Water Sports: Kasos is ideal for those who love diving, windsurfing, and sailing.


Kasos has many beaches, but most, especially the southern ones, are not accessible by road. It's truly worth taking a boat and visiting the neighboring islet of Armathia, where you'll find 2-3 incredible beaches. The main beaches on Kasos include:

Avlaki (Southwest Kasos): A very small beach in a narrow cove with calm waters.

Helatros (Southwest Kasos): An impressive pebble beach with turquoise waters and easy road access.

Marmara (Northwest Kasos): An incredible beach of exotic beauty with turquoise waters and white sand on the islet of Armathia.

Karavostasis (Northwest Kasos): A beautiful beach with light-colored sand and turquoise waters on the islet of Armathia.

Emborios (North Kasos): An organized sandy beach with a bit of pebbles and crystal-clear waters.

Ammoua (North Kasos): A small sandy beach with no shade.

Antiperatos (North Kasos): Small consecutive beaches with pebbles, dark-colored sand, and crystal-clear waters.


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